UVC disinfection
is the Future

UVC disinfection is an innovative, effective and powerful solution for eliminating microorganisms on surfaces and air, thereby decreasing the risk of the spread of infections. This new innovative UVC technology gives a cleaner and safer work & care environment where the chance of spreading pathogens is greatly reduced.

UVC light is extremely effective. Results show a 99.9999% reduction of pathogens (including COVID-19) in minutes .

UVC disinfection is scientifically proven, is no guesswork and it is an excellent fit with the disinfection protocol of every hospital and other (care) facilities.

Thor UVC Suriname

Are you currently suffering from an outbreak and do you want to know if you can also hire THOR UVC® for a longer period?


Niels Finsen won in 1903 the Nobel price for his work on phototherapy - the use of different wave lengths of the electro spectrum for medical purposes.

After almost 100 years UVC is re-discovered and nowadays different sectors in society benefit and rely on germicidal properties of UVC technology, (water plants, packaging of food, cleaning of the airflow of centralized airco units).