Healthcare associated infections (HAI)

Healthcare Associated Infections are infections that occur while receiving health care in hospitals or other health care facilities.

Health care associated infections are a result of cross contamination. When cleaning and disinfection protocols are insufficient harmful micro-organism can be transmitted, which create an unsafe environment for vulnerable patients.

According to the factsheet of the World Health Organization (WHO) health care associated infections are a serious problem. From the 100 hospitalized patients, at any given time, 7 in developed and 10 in developing countries will acquire at least 1 health care associated infection.

Newborns are at higher risk of acquiring Healthcare Associated Infection in developing countries, with infection rates 3 to 20 times higher in than in high-income countries.
At a minimum an acquired health care infection will result in a prolonged hospital stay of at least 5 days. For the patient and society at large, a health care acquired infections comes as a huge consequence economically and socially. Moreover, when innovative technology such as UVC is proven to be effective in neutralizing harmful micro-organism.
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