What is UVC?

UVC is short wavelength of 253.7 Nm. A high dose of UVC is effective to deactivate micro-organisms, such as bacteria, viruses and fungi. This wavelength breaks DNA strands and thus micro-organism can no longer divide successfully and reproduce. Micro-organisms cannot become resistant to UVC. The germicidal effect of UVC depends on the radiation dose and the time.

This quality makes UVC an effective, green environmentally friendly, dry and chemical-free way to disinfect. UVC technology is safe, efficient and effective!


UVC technology helps reduce the risk of patients developing unnecessary and preventable infections that are transmitted within the hospital environment during a stay in the hospital. THOR UVC® is easy to use and keeps bacterial load low in the hospital and thus reduce this cross-contamination. THOR UVC® is used worldwide reactively as preventively.
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