Scientific results

Studies demonstrate the efficiency of the THOR UVC® as a fully automated, UV disinfection unit reducing bacterial load on high touch surfaces in and out of hospital rooms. UVC technology helps reduce the risk of patients developing unnecessary and preventable infections that are transmitted within the hospital environment.

THOR UVC® keeps bacterial load low in the hospital and thus reduce this cross-contamination. THOR UVC® is used worldwide reactively as preventively (THOR® is already used in 24 countries and counting).

When used as a complement to existing cleaning protocols, THOR UVC® disinfection robot can safely target high touch surfaces with no disruption to patient care or staff workflow and can be audited to ensure disinfection is taking place. In the graph below a comparison study shows the effectiveness of THOR UVC® disinfection compared to conventual cleaning and disinfection.

Issues with conventual products and processes are discussed in the journal of hospital infections of 2013 and are summarized below. These issues explain the reason for the high bacterial plate count showed in the results from the UK government Lister laboratories above. Underscoring the need for new innovative technologies, such as the THOR UVC® disinfection, for preventing health care associated infections.


• Many commonly used hospital disinfectants are not effective against all pathogens for example spores, Norovirus and C. difficile
• They form a risk due to their toxicity for personnel and environment
• Damage hospital material and equipment


1. Journal of Hospital Infection 83 (2013) 1-13
2. The Ochsner Journal 9 (2009) 27–31

Disinfection Process:

• Non-compliance with protocols
   - Adequate distribution of the disinfectant product
   - Adequate contact time of the disinfectant product for microbial reduction
   - Incorrect formulation of the disinfectant
• Insufficient time to do the job well
• Repeatability of the process depends on the operator
• Effectiveness of conventional cleaning is difficult to control