Are you currently suffering from an outbreak and do you want to know if you can also hire THOR UVC® for a longer period?

As you know, the consequences of an outbreak are huge, both for the patient and for society. The financial loss that an outbreak entails is large. Departments often have to be closed or completely evacuated. This is time-consuming activity and leads to a great deal of unrest for patients, close relatives and staff in the care institution.

Every year we have to deal with many outbreaks where disinfection is necessary as a result of a virus or bacteria outbreak. MRSA, VRE and Noro are very difficult to combat. Healthcare institutions have to do with this. In many cases, this leads to an admission stop of patients, operating rooms are closed and the visit arrangements must be adjusted. The consequences are almost unclear.

THOR UVC® can be used during an outbreak. THOR UVC® is characterized by the following:

By intervening quickly, you can control the outbreak within 24 hours.

By adding THOR UVC® on top of your existing infection prevention efforts, you keep the bacterial load in your patient / client-specific area structurally low. In this way you offer your patients / clients, families / partners and your employees a safe care and working environment.

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